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New Year, New Wednesday Wish-Place (Book-Related) - Laura Wise

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January 1st, 2014

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03:33 pm - New Year, New Wednesday Wish-Place (Book-Related)
I hope you're all enjoying the start of 2014 -- may the year bring new and more joys!

That being said, I think I'll keep going with one of the traditions I began in 2013, which is making my Wednesday post here a place to dream of landscapes and images. Today the wish-places are linked to Traveller and Wish-Queen (here on the Kindle, coming to a Nook or Kobo reader near you in the next week).

The first half of Traveller and Wish-Queen takes place in contemporary London, but it's a city of magic and mystery for our heroes Tom Grey (Traveller and mage) and Lily (Wish-Queen on her last mission for the High Queen). One of their London adventures takes place one evening on the South Bank -- I rather think the night-world must have gleamed like this.

The second half of the novel, however, takes place in a different Port (a different world indeed) -- the lesser Port of Hward, in the capital of Hloat City. This city is an old place but with a veneer of 1930s Hollywood glamour. Away from the main streets lie remnants of the old city, though, a place made of stone. One of the alleys Tom and Lily journey through might look a little something like this.... But that's not fog in the distance in Hloat. It's smoke, and it means danger.

Cheers to you all, and may you find places to dream on today!

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Date:January 1st, 2014 11:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Gwynne, and a good First Night of 2014 to you! :)


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