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Facts - Laura Wise

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April 15th, 2014

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08:09 pm - Facts
Fact 1: My ears hurt, thanks to a cold/low front passing through.
Fact 2: Richard Armitage will be playing John Proctor in a production of The Crucible at the Old Vic this summer.
Fact 3: I do not care for Arthur Miller. Or, indeed, most mid-20th-century American realist drama.
Fact 4: I won't be in London this summer, anyway, so I won't be tempted to see a play I dislike just for Mr Armitage.
Fact 5: When a thunderstorm arrived this afternoon, the rain blew sideways for three minutes.
Fact 6: According to fan reports, Benedict Cumberbatch said at Oz Comic Con this past weekend that he received an anonymous gift of a riding crop after "A Study in Pink" aired. He further said that it was later revealed to have been a joke-gift from Tom Hiddleston.
Fact 7: I don't have any comment to make on that.
Fact 8: Nor does Fact 6 relate to anything else I'm talking about. Oh well.
Fact 9: Due to references to the Gothic made in my presence today, I almost Kindled a copy of Victoria Holt's Mistress of Mellyn, which I last read when I was young. But then I remembered how much I dislike 1st-person narration if the work is not comic or classic.
Fact 10: I have no more facts to share.

May your middle of the week be full of the best facts!

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Date:April 16th, 2014 10:42 am (UTC)
Oh, I so sympathize! Armitage will be a great Proctor -- as soon as I saw the casting, I thought "OF COURSE" -- but still. The Crucible. Ick.

Hugs, less brain-melt, and a lovely Wednesday. :)

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