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Day #12, 30 Days of Appreciation: Sunday Night Style Thoughts - Laura Wise

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September 21st, 2014

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07:46 pm - Day #12, 30 Days of Appreciation: Sunday Night Style Thoughts
Well, okay, I personally have no style at all right now, since it's Sunday and I've been cleaning, and playing with Master Danger, and working, and sneezing, and working some more. But I do have Style Thoughts.

So, last night's Who had, besides this utterly priceless sideways allusion to a previous PCap character, just truly remarkable amounts of style. Everyone in "Time Heist" looked unbelievably fierce --and I was certainly struck by Keeley Hawes' wardrobe as Ms Delphox, the strictness of the dark 50s-inspired skirt suit and the way she worked it. It was also intriguing to see the balance between said strict skirt-suit and Clara's menswear-inspired trouser-suit and skinny tie, with supporting character Saibra getting a more draped, enveloping but still bad-ass black costume. This was an episode where almost everybody wore dark colors for the chic of it.

Even the Doctor changed his shirt. One of the many many pleasures of Capaldi's Twelve for me is that sense of wardrobe, the slight tweaking every episode to the basic silhouette of long coat and slim trousers (and no tie). Last episode, where he was madder and more vulnerable, he wore a soft jumper under his jacket; this episode, where he was the Man in Charge, he wore a sharp dark buttoned shirt. (And he looked marvelous.)

In fact, the Docs he wore last week inspired me to pull out my faux-Docs from the closet Friday to tone with my boyfriend jeans. (I have been assured by various London Fashion Week street shots AND Harpers Bazaar UK that Docs are back for womenswear this season, hooray!) However, in mine I all too fatally lacked the proper tone, looking instead like a rejected almost-member of mid1980s Bananarama circa "Cool Summer." So I wore different shoes. Still, maybe soon.

It's boot season, and I appreciate that so much. :)

May you have something happy-making to wear to start your week!

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Date:September 22nd, 2014 10:55 am (UTC)
It was so fabulous. And I really loved that we have that moment where the Doctor tells her to change her shoes, and she does -- from the date-night pumps (which were gorgeous) to the kick-ass low-heeled boots suitable for running. :)


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