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Day #29, 30 Posts of Appreciation: Returns - Laura Wise

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November 2nd, 2014

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12:33 pm - Day #29, 30 Posts of Appreciation: Returns
A week behind the UK, we in the United States had a return to Standard Time at 2 am today. I am one of the few who actually prefer Standard Time (and feel that we should return to it earlier in October as was once usual), while acknowledging that I have the luxury of being far enough south that dark still doesn't fall until I'm well home from work. Folk in Northern latitudes might well prefer their sunlight distributed differently.

This morning, however, Master Danger and I took our walk not long after dawn, in the sunlight -- the record cold sunlight, but still. It felt good.

And I feel moved to comment on a return on Doctor Who as well. Er, Spoilers.

How happy am I to see a female Master? Especially a female Master as embodied by Michelle Gomez?


It makes an onscreen case for a Time Aristocrat's gender fluidity between regenerations, which would indeed allow for a female Doctor at some point. Interestingly, it harkens back to what we see at the end of "Last of the Time Lords" rather than "The End of Time": I rewatched the former yesterday in the first fine flush of spoilers from the BBC One Twitter :) , and at the "funeral pyre" of the Master his ring is picked up by a female hand marked by her red nails... just like the red nails Missy sports. I wonder if that will be addressed at all....

Missy as the Master also adds a thematic resonance to the Doctor's beautiful line to Clara in the first half of the episode: "Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?" Because if that doesn't connect to the Doctor and the Master, I don't know what to tell you.(I refer you to the episode I mentioned some moments ago.)

(And yes, I realize the Doctor's right now torn between terror at her return and TERROR OH MY HEARTS WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK plus Cybermen, but there's still an ep to go. Hee.)

In conclusion, Michelle Gomez is FAB.U.LOUS. And although I've never shipped it before (mostly because I don't like Best-Enemies ships), I might well have to make an exception now.

May you have happy returns today! :)

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Date:November 2nd, 2014 07:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Rainkatt, and many many hugs! :)

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