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One Cannot Be Chic in a Day When One Goes to Lowe's, Post #37 - Laura Wise

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July 17th, 2015

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09:36 am - One Cannot Be Chic in a Day When One Goes to Lowe's, Post #37
I need to take a few moments out to grouse.

Today is a day where I would like to play with style. I have walked the dog, exercised(ish), organized myself, and now must figure out what to wear. But my day is not conducive to playing with style, as:

1) I will be going to my dusty office, in an almost deserted building, for a few hours.
2) I should go to Lowe's to pick up materials for weekend home-improvement projects.
3) It is unbelievably humid and hot, and storms are forecast for early this afternoon (which limits my shoe choices).
4) Master Danger last night was absolutely awful off-leash (it involved vicious growling through the fence at the admittedly ANNOYING terrier next door) and must be taken out on-leash into the sandpit that is my backyard every time today.

Also, this morning I made the mistake of clicking on an autumn-winter lookbook and falling in love with a blue shirtdress which is exactly the kind of thing I want to wear on my Power Days but is not currently in my closet.

Boo. Boooo.

While I go stand in front of my closet making pained faces, let me leave you with some images of people who probably don't have to go to Lowe's today:

1) The Sartorialist image of two women in Milan after a fashion show. I would change out the vertiginously high heels for something more walkable, however.
2) Anything Shini Park of Park and Cube wears in this evocation of summer; I especially want the white shirtdress (hmmm, I detect a theme).
3) And for an art opening tonight, I would wear the dress Sophie Hunter wore to the Serpentine Gala. Because why wouldn't I?... Because instead maybe I would want to wear the Diane von Furstenberg-like dress Michelle Gomez wore for the Doctor Who Comic Con panel. That pic doesn't show the outfit's true glory, but the way Ms Gomez presented herself there? Life goal.

I will not be wearing any of those, however. I gotta go to Lowe's.

May you be able to access the self you want today!

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Date:July 18th, 2015 01:35 pm (UTC)
I love that dark print too!

Hee for your noisy and complaining pet! Master Danger just growled at a crow outside without moving from his prone position on the tiles. Such a mighty dog....

Happy Saturday to you!

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