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5 More Minutes of the Gratitude Thing, Post #12 - Laura Wise

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February 21st, 2016

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01:36 pm - 5 More Minutes of the Gratitude Thing, Post #12
1) Well, thank fuck that week is over.
2) And thank fuck Master Danger has stopped barking.
3) (The weather is warm enough to have the windows open, but that means he is KEENLY AWARE of all sounds -- birds, distant sirens, the yappy dog next door, cars, motorcycles a block away, etc etc -- and he MUST TELL ME ABOUT THEM.) (Still, the weather is rather nice.)
4) The allergy drops have begun to work just a bit: pollen is high, but I am only slightly miserable rather than incapacitated.
5) I've been listening to older Pet Shop Boys and Massive Attack lately. (Link goes to "Safe from Harm," one of my favorite MA songs.)
6) Also Lyle Lovett. Because I am vast, I contain multitudes.
7) Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.
8) Good workouts the past two days.
9) "We're a succulent family now."
10) All the press in advance of The Night Manager, starting on BBC One tonight.

Cheers to all of you, and may there be things of joy to start your week!

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Date:February 22nd, 2016 03:46 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to hear the allergy drops are starting to work, hopefully it gets better than just a bit.
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Date:February 26th, 2016 01:33 am (UTC)
Supposedly it'll take a year (!) for full effectiveness. We shall see. :)

Cheers and happy almost-the-weekend to you!

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