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Proportion and Silhouette, Post #13 - Laura Wise

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March 26th, 2017

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01:35 pm - Proportion and Silhouette, Post #13
Happy day to all! Sympathies to those in the UK who just lost your hour to British Summer Time. I'm still trying to overcome our time change two weeks ago....

Instead of joys, today I'm going to talk about silliness, style conundrums, proportion and silhouettes. This morning I lost an hour trying to think about one "use case," specifically what I will wear on the plane to London and back, in mid-May.

The variables and silliness:
Mid-May in the subtropics is hot (say, 88 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit), perhaps with high humidity. I'll be going to the airport in the hottest part of the day, too. I have to layer....

Because on the plane I often get cold, and it should be much chillier in Manchester when I arrive (and in London when I leave 8 days later). My own silliness: I really really don't like to dress down to fly, even if it's an overnight flight, but I do want to be as comfortable as I can be. I prefer not to fly in jeans if I can avoid it, and my nice trousers might get too wrinkled in an eight-hour flight especially since I'll likely be wearing them for another seven hours until hotel check-in. Also, my preferred silhouette for spring/summer is either tailored, cropped trousers or a pencil skirt worn with a classic-fit (not too close to the body) Thomas Pink or Brooks Brothers button-down, which are not travel-friendly.

You see the conundrum.

So I spent this morning [after workout and 30 minutes cutting palm fronds, whee] online looking at maxi-dresses, the kind that forgive a multitude of sins, but... they were SO NOT my style vibe. [I have an exception, to be discussed in a bit.] A dear friend of mine looks awesome in these kind of clothes, but she's a Strong Boho Queen. I am not Boho in the slightest, nor am I queenly. (In Alyson Walsh's lexicon of Grownup Style Tribes, I fall between The Gentlewoman and the Fabulous Femme.) Also, since I'd have to throw a jacket or a sweater over the dress, the proportions were mostly All Wrong. This was not happening.

It was time to shop my closet, especially as today's the day I'm changing winter closet to summer.

(In shopping my closet, I *did* rediscover the one long dress that works for my vibe: a decades-old, sleek, silk Laura Ashley piece, restrained in cut except for the high side-slits, in a glorious peacock with black and teal accents, which looks GREAT with a modern cropped black jacket I have. It's going to be my Ritz-and-David-Tennant outfit.)

After twenty minutes of fruitless search, I realized that a) the black knit skirt I usually travel in and my ankle boots are foundational, especially if I throw a vintage Levi's jean jacket and a scarf on top once aloft, and b) I need a sleeveless black turtleneck like I used to wear. That is my comfort-and-style sweet spot.

I told you I was silly. ;) But I feel so much better having nailed this down.

What's your favorite travel outfit?

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Date:April 4th, 2017 01:52 am (UTC)
Sorry, forgot to tell you what my current favourite travel outfit is: Long, lightweight black pants made of a stretchy fabric, patterned grey/black/fuchsia short-sleeved top (hides stains well and doesn't wrinkle, which is a good thing on a long flight), grey cardigan (layers, layers, layers), slip-on shoes (I'm all about comfort on long-haul flights). I also wear compression stockings, so my legs don't puff up like crazy.

I'll also be taking a rain jacket on board, but only because I am going to do my entire journey living out a 8kg/18lbs carry-on bag. It means doing laundry once a week, but that's a worthwhile trade-off in my book. (I usually only check in baggage if I'm going to just one destination.)

I'm off to Europe in almost two months. For the first three and a half weeks, I will be travelling to Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and Germany, before spending a month in Switzerland. Should be fun!

::hugs, hugs::
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Date:April 8th, 2017 06:17 pm (UTC)
How awesome your trip sounds! AMAZING!

I am impressed by your living out of a carry-on. Style blogger Une Femme at unefemme.net does that, and I marvel at the skill required. :)

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Date:April 9th, 2017 02:14 am (UTC)
Ooo, I'll have to check out that blog! I'm always looking for tips and inspiration when it comes to packing lightly. I love my creature comforts, but taking flights within Europe is so much cheaper and easier with just a carry-on.

I'm lucky in that I will only have to wash clothes in a laundromat once, and that will be in Helsinki; the rest of the time I'll be staying with friends or family. I've discovered what looks like the most awesome laundromat in Helsinki, so it looks like doing laundry there won't be too much of a hardship :-)

::hugs, hugs::

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