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idle query - Laura Wise

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September 29th, 2009

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08:36 am - idle query
Hullo, hullo, I wave at you as I dash by...

But I also have a question for you all. (It's prompted by this post on the Dr Vino wine-blog, which further references Mike Steingarten's overview of a current kerfuffle amongst wine critics. I found this fascinating, since my next Big Project will feature a wine-critic hero...)

One of the points of argument is that because of the Internet (which would include expert bloggers, discussion boards, private blogs, and the equivalent of Trip Advisor in several fields), 'official' critics are on their way out; the idea is that it goes beyond wine into areas like food, film, etc etc.

Do you read 'official' critics -- in any field, be it food and restaurants, clothes, film, stage, music, fiction, even wine?

Do you read Internet critics in any field? If so, do you read bloggers (expert or amateur), discussion boards, or the online ratings?

Do you write your own criticism?

I didn't make this a poll, because although I put these as yes/no questions, I suspect it's all more complicated. I'm just curious.... :-)

May your day be sunshiny and filled with rave reviews!

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Date:September 29th, 2009 09:19 pm (UTC)
You are absolutely an OFFICIAL critic, A! [applause for you]

It's interesting to hear what you avoid, too...

Hugs and thanks and good cheer for you and yours!

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