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Book Rec - Laura Wise

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August 10th, 2012

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06:14 pm - Book Rec
I am flying by at the moment (500 words to write on the Project before I shut this sucker off for the night), but I wanted to make a quick book rec --

Whispers Underground, the third in Ben Aaronovitch's DC Peter Grant stories.

Short refresher: these books are supernatural policiers, if you will, mixing the Metropolitan Police Force and Newtonian-derived magic. (Just go with it, is my advice to you.) Rivers of London (American title: Midnight Riot) introduced us to Peter Grant, who fell into his latent magic talent during a routine police shift and from there was assigned to Inspector Nightingale's team. To be more precise, became the only other member of Nightingale's team. The second novel had to do with jazz (I was less fond of this novel, for some reason). The third novel deepens the magic system we've already seen and weaves together history about the London Underground with amazing supernatural entities. It's gritty and funny and engaging.

I recommend for those who like London, magic, and police detectives. (Which surely is everyone, right?)

May you all find the things you like this weekend!


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